ButlerBox – Your 24 Hour Garment Care Specialists – The Butler Never Sleeps!

Welcome Property Managers!

You are well aware that the competition for accomplished and successful residents is nothing less than fierce. You and your team are committed to providing your residents with a superlative living experience, from stylish & sophisticated décor, to courteous & responsive staff, to amenities that are in the highest demand. Your residents are busy, and they expect the very best! Well, at ButlerBox we totally get it! We’re here to make life much simpler for both you and your residents. ButlerBox is a Locker-Based, App-Driven service that provides expert garment care 24/7.

ButlerBox is Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Delivery 2.0, the smart solution for 24/7 garment care. Our stylish and patented lockers are conveniently located right on site, and available for your residents 24/7.

Amenities Matter!

Once residents move in, their day-to-day satisfaction is determined by responsiveness, service, and convenience. “Valet Service” is typically one of the top 5 amenities requested by busy residents, and it is an indisputable competitive imperative at the finest residential locations. ButlerBox provides a cool and super simple solution that is as easy to use as a mailbox

Property Manager Benefits

  • Competitive Distinction – As a highly requested amenity, ButlerBox helps your location stand out in a competitive marketplace.
  • Time Saving – ButlerBox requires absolutely zero time from you or your staff.
  • Convenient – Lockers are stylish & discrete, with a small footprint, and they are conveniently located right on site.
  • Efficient – No need for electric supply, or an internet connection.
  • Fast – Pick up and delivery in less than 10 minutes, with no staff involvement.
  • Non-Disruptive – Pick Up / Deliveries during non peak hours.
  • Hassle Free – No Fees, No Permits, No Maintenance ….No Worries!
  • Super Simple – All aspects of pick up / delivery are managed online, or via App, and text messages directly to the customer.

Resident Benefits

  • Professional Dry Cleaning – We set the standard for Excellence & Quality
  • Best-In-Class Wash & Fold – Expertly folded and ready to wear or store. We even match your socks!
  • Convenience – We’re here 24/7 – The Butler Never Sleeps!
  • Service At Your Door – Pick up your Dry Cleaning or Laundry anytime, even in your PJs.
  • No Closing Times – Working late? No problem, ButlerBox is available 24/7. No more racing to the dry cleaner to catch them before closing time.
  • Discrete – No need to explain those weekend party stains to a judgmental counter clerk. We don’t judge!

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ButlerBox provides you with outstanding dry cleaning services that set the new standard for excellence and quality.


ButlerBox offers best in class Wash & Fold laundry services. With ButlerBox, your laundry is color-separated,